This work was supported by a Feline Friends Research Donation to Bridget Waller.


We would like to thank the following people that contributed to the CatFACS manual production:

- Daniel Mills for establishing a collaboration between University of Lincoln and University of Portsmouth for the project development.

- Catarina Ferreira, Daniel Mills, Lauren Finka, Sarah Ellis and Will Higgs ( for the videos and photographs contributions.

- InĂªs Martins for drawing the anatomical images.

- Alison, Andrea Karis, April Turgutalp, Brusspup, Chester Smooshyface, Heliflyer7, Joe Martin, Katia Shifrin (k_shifrin(at)yahoo(dot)com,, Kevin Christensen, Larry Graves (, Laura Palmer & Wintermuse, llrnr, Molly Barr of Mythicbells Persian cats and kittens, Patrizia Piotti, Saffy, Hector & Millie, Sean Coonery (, Sijimi_soupzz,,,, for permission to use their clips from

- Jennifer Wathan for the reliability assessment coding.

- And finally, to Daniel Mills and Jennifer Wathan for helpful comments on previous versions of this manual.


Department of Psychology

University of Portsmouth