Cátia Caeiro


School of Psychology, University of Lincoln, UK


I am an Environmental Biologist with a MSc degree, in which I studied the social behaviour of gorillas. My research interests are in the broad area of animal behaviour, from an ecological and evolutionary point of view. I worked on the CatFACS project as a research assistant.




Dr. Bridget Waller


Centre for Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology, University of Portsmouth


The overarching focus of my research is the evolution of social communication. I am particularly interested in human and non-human animal facial expression and emotion, and how these signals contribute to sociality and social bonding. I have been part of the development team for various FACS systems, including ChimpFACS, MaqFACS and OrangFACS.




Dr. Anne Burrows


Duquesne University and University of Pittsburgh


I am a biological anthropologist and my main interests are the evolutionary morphology of primate facial expression and primate feeding mechanisms. I have also worked on the functional and evolutionary morphology of primate sensory ecology. I have contributed anatomical underpinnings to the development of MaqFACS, OrangFACS, GibbonFACS, DogFACS and more recently CatFACS.




Department of Psychology

University of Portsmouth